Stallion Services:

We offer our stallions for breeding to outside mares via AI. We require a $500 booking fee at time of booking which will be deducted from the price of the stallion fee. Mare owner will pay for seamen collection and shipping, by a licensed DVM, done outside our facility. The full stud fee minus deposit must be received prior shipping of seamen. Money order or certified checks only.

Horse Transport: to shows, Vet visits, and relocation (outside AZ you must have coggins test and health certification and all other required documents for the intended state destination).

Training (all training and clinics are offered at costumer's location only):  General Horsemanship, Horses & Humans, Desensitizing - Day and Night Sensory, Equitation, Equine First Aid, Nutrition and Care, Anatomy, Mount Selection.   

Sensory Program. Basic - Intermediate - Advanced Equitation and Desensitization Clinics  

Self Defense on Horseback & Trail Safety Clinic.Horses & Humans Clinic: This is a very unique approach on how Horses and Humans operate from many different modes of consciousness. We have our reactive mode; this is seen in the horse by their flight response to what they perceive as danger or as our default behavior:      

1.    We have our thinking mode; this is displayed by a horse standing still, ears perked up and licking their lips and our contemplation (being in our head).     

2.    We have our intuitive mode; this is displayed by a horse that is working with humans and seeks out the individual they are connected to, sensing who they can help.    They got feelings like ours.   We often operate from these modes of consciousness unintentionally. Do you know what modes you operate from? This is the unique and specialized ability of utilizing inherent intuitive skills to connect with your companions and horses. When you master your ability to communicate with a horse in a respectful manner that helps nurture the bond between you and a horse you will have better view in life. 

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